How to Become a Motivational Speaker and
Get Paid For It

Hundreds of people a year ask me how to become a motivational speaker and get paid. Te answer to that question has two major divisions. Both are critically important to your success.

1. Being great on stage

2. Understanding the business of speaking

Number 1 has many facets including:

If you're not great on stage, you'll always be fighting an uphill battle to get gigs. If you're targeting an industry, as you should be, word will spread quickly in that industry that you're not competent and your motivational speaking career will be over quickly.

The 2nd division of the answer to the question How to Become a Motivational Speaker and Get Paid For it has to do with the business of speaking.

You could be the best speaker in the world but unfortunately even with people tweeting while you're speaking, word of mouth and speaking fees by themselves will not be enough for you to make big money speaking.

There are many deals unique to the speaking business you must know about. Some of them help you get the job in the first place and some of them help you make more money on each gig.

If you don't know these deals and how to make them, you will have a very difficult time earning a great living as a motivational speaker.

Be honest with yourself.
I can't tell you how many people tell me they are already great on stage and they only want to know the marketing.

When I review their videos I'm wondering how they consider themselves great on stage. . . compared to whom?

Did they get a pat on the back speaking at church or Toastmasters?

I've trained thousands of speakers and I know these people are not great onstage by any professional standard.

You've got to be good enough to hold the audience when you are the last thing between them and the golf course at a Las Vegas sales rally.
Audiences that eat their young

I also get the person that only wants to speak. They are usually egomaniacs or so passionate about their topic they think meeting planners will flock to their door. Sorry ain't going to happen. You must learn the business of speaking or you have virtually no chance of long term success in the speaking business.

So, back to the question How to Become a Motivational Speaker and Get Paid For it.

Be great on stage and learn the business of speaking. I'll show you how. (see below)

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