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Tech4Speakers  helps speakers use technology more efficiently and more effectively - in their presentations, in office productivity, in marketing, product development and in improving their online presence. Ask the experts and contribute your expertise!

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PowerPoint Presentation Tips  - Discount lcd projectors, digital projectors, dlp projectors, and other multi media equipment. Use the search genie to find the best product within your budget.  

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Title:  Internet Marketing and Promotion Resources
Desc:  We provide in-depth internet marketing and website promotion resources to our visitors.

Lenny Laskowski  - presentation skills seminars & public speaking skills programs 

"Logo, Slogan, Jingle and Identity Creators." 

New Tech Web  Website design specialists with an expertise in web marketing. We design sites that are quick loading and easy to navigate and focus on your marketing objectives. Free one hour consultation!

Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben is not a theorist.Ruben speakes from Olympic experience.  He's used his personal effectiveness system to achieve success again and again in both the Olympics and in business. Ruben's funny, direct and on target. He doesn't pull any punches. He tells it like it is. He's on a mission to inspire and equip people to think differently, to take immediate action, and to produce better results.

Stephen Orth  In today's ever changing job market, you never know who your next boss may be. Will they know your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES? There is one boss who knows all there is to know about you. Working for yourself is the only way to ensure job security today.

Stephen Orth  Yes, I am a Nerd, and proud of it. I hope that you will enjoy your visit, and find some useful information here. If you are not able to find your answer, stop by the Q&A page and ask.

Tim Paulsen is the author of Paid In Full and is an international specialist in Creative Receivables Management. He consults and leads programs designed to collect more money, quicker...and still keep your customers!

Partnering Experts and Facilitators for the Construction Industry THE PINNACLE LEADERSHIP GROUP provides invaluable assistance in the areas of Partnering, Leadership, Project Management, Facilitation and Leadership Training within the Construction Industry. Believing that there are significant gaps in the training available for leaders responsible for major projects, we have designed a series of seminars, conferences, and training sessions, which provide participants the opportunity to gain tangible skills and techniques to increase their success potential through Partnering and building successful relationships. We also specialize as facilitators for Partnering Workshops, using tested processes to create the most open atmosphere for building open and honest relationships.

Professional Sales Techniques Learn the sales techniques that are most effective for sales professionals. Business to business selling is not the same as retail selling!

Promotional Hats & Caps Build Your Own Custom Caps in 6 Simple Steps!

Jason Warren Jtech Solutions -- Residential computer repair, Troubleshooting, and One-on-One Computer Coaching Sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Wedding Anniversary GiftWe have a large range of Unique Welsh Lovespoons that aregreat Wedding Anniversary Gifts.

Gord Yelich, Redcrow  Redcrow’s deeply inspired lyrics and passion filled voice will enlighten and awaken your spirit from within. Charming, entertaining and endearing, his gift is one to be shared with everyone, young and old, from all walks of life. Singer/Songwriter Redcrow has an incredible and prolific talent for writing songs that touch the humanness in us all. He treats his audiences to emotionally charged performances where stories are told and contemplations are brought to life. 

With Redcrow’s talent for writing and performing, his future is bright. His popularity is growing as more people are introduced to his original style. An artist that can touch an audience so profoundly, with his lyrics, melodies, and live performances, is certain to carve out a prominent place in the music scene. The cream always rises to the top, and that is definitely where Redcrow’s destiny lies.

Come let Redcrow's lyrics and poems touch and inspire you. Listen to music that will move your soul and read the stories behind the songs. Do you want to write but can't get started? Check out Free Writing Tips. Come find out why so many women are getting goosebumps.

Motivational Speaker and Sales Tips
Barbara Sanfilippo
, CSP, CPAE is a motivational speaker, author and consultant specializing in sales, service and motivation.

Motivational Keynote Speakers - Speaker topics include:
Customer Service, Leadership, Culture, Change, Empowerment, Reward, Conflict Management, Self Esteem.

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Corporate Team Building Exercises to Improve Office Teamwork:
Building Your offers free tips and exercises to help you build a stronger, more confident team.

Public Speaking Training and Leadership Development:
The Leader's Institute offers leadership, public speaking, and organizational development resources for you and your company.

Public Speaking Training and Management Development Course:
The High Impact Leaders program offers leadership, public speaking, and organizational development resources for you and your company.

On-Line Sales Training Courses:
The Sales Leader website offers eight different on-line sales courses as well as free tips and articles to help salespeople increase revenue.

Public Speaking training and Presentation Seminar:
The Fearless Presentations public speaking course literally helps people overcome the fear of public speaking overnight.

Sugar Xylitol Gum:
We are leading manufacture of xylitol and xylose in China.

Bogen telephone paging amplifier system:
We are a full service provider of state of the art telecommunications solutions for business.

Public Speaking with Paul Evans

Paul Evans is the creator of Instant Speaking Success He helps companies and individuals reach "Wow!" in their visual, verbal, and written communication - he can help you too. Begin by signing up for his free public speaking ezine the Instant Speaking Success Letter. Next, learn ways to overcome the fear of public speaking by putting together perfect presentations in seven simple steps.

Freedom Builders - Business Networking Atlanta, B2B Sales Leads, Referrals, Training and Personal Development Powerful Business Networking and Self Development.

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